Tehillim Nineteen: Flying

“The heavens recite the glory of God, and the sky tells of the work of His hands (Psalms 19:2).” I flew from Israel back to Washington DC yesterday, and I can confidently say that if there’s one experience that doesn’t generally incline me towards spirituality, it’s flying. Airlines pack people in like sardines, people don’t seem to be conscious of the fact that their choices to douse themselves in perfume mean other people will be trapped with their scents for hours on end, and seat-kickers seem to be more ubiquitous each time I travel. But if I take a step back, which I’m really trying to be mindful of and do more often, and look at the big picture, it’s amazing. Flying through the air we see the vastness of the world, and the incredible nature of human ingenuity. The sky is never-ending and timeless, and I hope I’m able to do better about noticing it more.


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