Tehillim Twenty-Five: Belief

“Neither shall any of those who hope for You be ashamed; let those who betray [to the extent of] destitution be ashamed (Psalms 25:3).” What interested me about this verse is that many times in the circles that I travel in (and remember, I’m a Jewish communal professional), actually believing in God is something that others almost look down on. It’s seen as ‘cute,’ ‘naive,’ almost childlike and laughable to truly believe in a personal, present version of God. People speak about belief as something metaphorical, but are quick to say things like Judaism isn’t a religion, and prayer can be meditation, or talking to yourself, or whatever you make of it. But an actual strong belief in the God described in Tanakh? Not so widespread. While I would never presume to tell anyone what to believe or how to feel on a topic as deeply personal as God, I hope that those who don’t will be a little more accepting of those who do. People should be proud to respectfully share their beliefs, and shouldn’t feel obligated to stay silent because of how others might react.


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