Tehillim Twenty-Five: Belief

“Neither shall any of those who hope for You be ashamed; let those who betray [to the extent of] destitution be ashamed (Psalms 25:3).” What interested me about this verse is that many times in the circles that I travel in (and remember, I’m a Jewish communal professional), actually believing in God is something that others almost look down on. It’s seen as ‘cute,’ ‘naive,’ almost childlike and laughable to truly believe in a personal, present version of God. People speak about belief as something metaphorical, but are quick to say things like Judaism isn’t a religion, and prayer can be meditation, or talking to yourself, or whatever you make of it. But an actual strong belief in the God described in Tanakh? Not so widespread. While I would never presume to tell anyone what to believe or how to feel on a topic as deeply personal as God, I hope that those who don’t will be a little more accepting of those who do. People should be proud to respectfully share their beliefs, and shouldn’t feel obligated to stay silent because of how others might react.


One comment

  1. Christadelphians · March 29, 2017

    All those who believe in the Most High should do their best to get others also to know the Elohim and show them we only may worship One true God, the God of Israel.


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