Tehillim Thirty-Six: Pesach

“They will be sated from the fat of Your house, and with the stream of Your delights You give them to drink (Psalms 36:9).” What drew me in about this verse is that the word ‘fat’ is in this case a reference to the animals that were sacrificed to God. Today is the first full day of Pesach [Passover], which is the most celebrated/observed Jewish holiday of the year. There are many rituals that we do on this holiday in order to reflect back on previous times, of the Exodus, the Temple, and Jewish history throughout the ages. One of them is that on the seder plate, we place a shank bone to represent the sacrificial lamb from the original Pesach meal  before leaving Egypt. This verse made me think about the ongoing connection between our practices and lives today, and the past that it comes from. Each new generation is a link in a chain that binds all of us, and continues as we build on the practice of each new and old ritual.


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