Tehillim Forty-Five: Yom HaShoah

Today marks Yom HaShoah, the day on the Jewish calendar set aside for remembering the 6 million victims of the Holocaust. I didn’t know if I’d be able to connect the day with the chapter for today, but as has happened many times before in this project, as soon as a a meaningful day comes up, the text somehow coincides.

“I will mention Your name in every generation; therefore peoples shall thank You forever and ever (Psalms 45:18).” Disclaimer: I know that the ‘you’ being referenced here is God. However, when I read the verse, it also seemed very applicable to Shoah victims. In every generation, particularly as the survivors die out, it is our responsibility to remember the horrors of the Shoah. And not just the dates and numbers, but the names, and the personal stories of the human beings who were slaughtered. They can’t be forgotten, not as a multitude, or as individuals. In every generation we remember them, we honor them, and we should do only good in their honor.


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