Tehillim Fifty: Yom HaZikaron

Another day, another perfectly connected and appropriate verse from Tanakh. It’s amazing how often it happens that way – coincidence? Or something else?

Today is what I would refer to as the most sacred day on the Zionist calendar. It’s the day when Yom HaZikaron, the memorial day for Israeli soldiers and victims of terror is observed, and then tonight, the country dries its collective tears in order to celebrate the result of the sacrifice of these thousands of lives. It’s a day that any therapist could spend years analyzing – the raw emotions felt by an entire country, because each boy lost is ours, part of the family of the nation. We cry as though we knew them, because we all know next time we might. We flock to the cemeteries, rubbing the cold, smooth stones, warmed by the light of the Israeli sun, as if we were rubbing their backs, smoothing their hair, and holding them in our arms once again. When the sirens roar, they tear through the country like the primal wails that accompany every death call.

And then, all of a sudden, it stops. With no time to process, we shake off the tears and the dust of pain, and keep shaking in all night dance parties and fireworks displays, celebrating the modern miracle of the State of Israel.

So, our verse. “Gather to Me My devoted ones, who made a covenant with Me over a sacrifice (Psalms 50:5).” As soon as I read this one I made the inherent connection to the fallen soldiers, and the holy sacrifice they made for the Jewish State and people. I personally believe that they’re with God today, watching all of us. May their memories all be for a blessing.


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