Tehillim Fifty-Seven: Glory

In this chapter, it wasn’t a full verse that drew me in, but a specific word. “Be exalted above the heavens, O God, over all the earth be Your glory (Psalms 57:12).” The word that stood out to me here is glory. It’s one that I spoke about a lot over the weekend, so it seemed like a happy coincidence that it popped up in this week’s reading. We were discussing what glory is, and when one has had a moment of glory. It seems like such a powerful word – it brings to mind images of splendor, power, success, renown. It can be taken as a definite positive, or an intimidating negative. I was trying to think of moments of glory that I’ve experienced, and I don’t know what they’ve been. My wedding was a moment of splendor, but not necessarily a powerful one. I’ve felt some kind of glory when I’m fully in my element – teaching, giving of myself to others. But a complete sensation has eluded me thus far. Have you experienced glory?


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