Tehillim Sixty-Four: Evil

This is another chapter that I had a hard time finding a verse to connect with in. The chapter as a whole talks about evildoers, and luckily, it’s not something that I can relate to or that resonates with me. So it’s hard to find personal meaning in the words. “To shoot at the innocent in secret places; they shoot at him suddenly and do not fear (Psalms 64:5).” That seems to me to be the ultimate summary of pure evil. To intentionally attack the innocent and without fear or remorse is the complete essence of an act of evil. How can someone be that one-sided? I’d like to hope that even with evil people, there are layers of meaning and complexity. But this chapter doesn’t involve that – it’s just about evil people doing atrocious things. Hopefully tomorrow’s reading will involve more emotions, and more things to relate to.


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