Tehillim Sixty-Five: Silence

“Silence is praise to You, O God in Zion, and to You a vow is paid (Psalms 65:2).” Silence is something incredibly challenging to come by, particularly today. We are constantly experiencing sound – people, vehicles, phones, computers, everything. Even when I’m having downtime, I constantly feel like I need background noise. When I read, I leave brainless TV shows on as well; ones that I don’t actively listen to, but have filling up the space of the silence. There are very few people that I can sit in silence with – I feel an obligation to fill that perceived void. When I’ve tried meditation before, the whole idea of focusing on breath and silence is very intimidating. But in moments of natural silence, there’s something sacred. When I was able to be alone in nature a few weeks ago, it was beautiful. Silence allows for openings of holiness and it’s something I want to allow in much more.


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