Tehillim Seventy-Six: Anger

“From heaven, You let judgment be heard; the earth feared and became calm (Psalms 76:9).” Sometimes I wish we had a little more divine judgment going on these days. Usually I try to be thoughtful and altruistic in these posts, but today I’m not high-minded. I’m pissed off at a friend, and I wish that there was some fear of retribution on her part. She made a choice that I find reprehensible and personally offensive, and I’m not sure how to move forward in our friendship as a result. I’m not great with confrontation, but the idea of a heavenly judge setting people straight is a very appealing alternative to my own difficult conversation right now.


One comment

  1. Christadelphians · June 12, 2017

    When people have some slap in the face of their relationship the danger is that they put their hope in some revenge. Hate is an inner thought taking master of our inner soul. Also for that shall be judgement whilst the other shall also receive judgement. therefore we are better to leave all judgement straight ahead by the Most High Elohim and try to share the love of God with those around us, having us trying to mend and heal the wounds brought by our close friend.


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