Tehillim Seventy-Seven: History

“I think of days of yore, ancient years (Psalms 77:6).” This verse jumped out to me on a very surface level, because it indicates a love of history, and an understanding of the importance of knowing what came before us. I’m a self-professed history lover [aka nerd], and proud of it. I am fascinated by several different time periods in history, and even more specific figures from across time and space who have shaped the world that we live in today. Sometimes it’s easier for me to get swept up in the past, either ancient or modern, than it is to live in today’s reality constantly. The complexities of history are fascinating, and the past reveals new layers of itself to us on an ongoing basis. I think it would do all of us a world of good to think about history more, and to see ourselves as part of a larger chain of events, in the context of what came before us, and with the responsibility to what comes after.


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