Tehillim Seventy-Eight: Education

In this chapter, we’re given a charge that stretches across the generations. “And He established testimony in Jacob, and He set down a Torah in Israel, which He commanded our forefathers to make them known to their sons. In order that the last generation might know, sons who will be born should tell their sons (Psalms 78:5-6).” This commandment is what I believe education is, both on a formal and informal level. Yes, there are tangible, practical skills that teachers and parents what to convey to their learners and children, respectively. But the real goal of influencing the next generation is to pass on the wisdom of the past, to transfer the weight, responsibility, and beauty, of our heritage to those who inherit from us. Our tradition has so much to offer, and it’s an obligation that each one of us shares to do our own part in paying it forward.


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