Tehillim Seventy-Nine: Neighbors

This chapter has an interesting verse about neighborliness. “We were a disgrace to our neighbors, ridicule and derision to those around us (Psalms 79:4).” It’s interesting to think of ourselves specifically in relation to those around us. As someone who has lived mainly in large apartment buildings in pretty transient cities over the last few years, I haven’t had much of a chance to be a good neighbor, and I haven’t really thought of myself as a neighbor at all. I’ve said hi to the people who live in my building, but they aren’t my community, my friends, or pretty much anything other than people I occasionally see in the laundry room or elevator. And I’d imagine they feel the same way about me – they know the brunette girl they see in the mornings, but not me. This seems to be a city trait though – in the suburbs where my parents live, neighbors are close, and are actively part of each other’s lives. Being a good neighbor is an important skill as members of a community, and it’s something that I hope to have the opportunity to develop as my living situation becomes a bit more permanent.


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