Tehillim Eighty: Living Life

“And let us not withdraw from You; grant us life, and we shall call out in Your name (Psalms 80:19).” After eighty chapters of psalms (and with seventy left to go, for those of you keeping track), it’s becoming a bit of a challenge to have a new insight daily, particularly as many of the psalms understandably have very similar themes. Therefore, I’m not sure that anything I express today will be especially new or groundbreaking, but hopefully I’ll say something at least slightly unique, albeit along already stated themes. For this verse, I’m focusing on the grant us life component. Obviously in a biblical context, there’s an understanding that God grants life to all human beings. But being alive and living life don’t always go hand in hand. It’s very easy to be lazy and not take advantage of the beautiful and challenging aspects of a life well lived. So are we asking God not just to give us life biologically, but also spiritually? To imbue us with an attitude of liveliness? I hope that’s what we’re each given, and that we can embrace the gift of each day.


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