Tehillim Eighty-Two: God

“A song of Asaph. God stands in the congregation of God; in the midst of the judges He will judge (Psalms 82:1).” This sentence is a bit circular. God is in God’s own congregation. This can be part of any number of interpretations. One is that a democratic value is being expressed – God is a the judge of judges, but at the end of the day, He’s part of the greater whole – or we’re part of Him. A deity not fully separate from His creations is beautiful in some ways, because it allows us to consider the divine in each of us, and gives any interaction the chance to be a sacred one. But in other ways, it lowers the level of awe that a heavenly being inspires. We’re not supposed to be able to fully relate to God, and that’s ok. So for God to be in His congregation? Does that mean He’s present amongst us in all that we do in some way? Is it the sparks of divine in each of us that answer to the larger presence?


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