Tehillim Eighty-Six: Hitbodedut

“Lend Your ear, O Lord, to my prayer, and hearken to the voice of my supplications (Psalms 86:6).” This verse seemed very timely because just this afternoon, I was reading about the practice of hitbodedut. This hassidic prayer practice involves speaking directly to God – in theory, it’s an individual taking private time to share a stream of consciousness directly with the divine. One is supposed to speak out loud to God, engaging in an authentic, deeply personal form of prayer. It’s something that I’ve attempted in the past, to mixed results. I’m definitely good at talking in a higher or inner power in my mind, but actually giving voice to the words is surprisingly challenging. This verse, which directly connects with the idea of speaking to God and being individually heard while doing so, relates perfectly to this practice. It’s something that I’d like to work at more meaningfully pursuing moving forward, particularly now that I see how it continually is alluded to in the text.


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