Tehillim Ninety-One: Angels

This chapter is all about being protected by God. “For He will command His angels on your behalf to guard you in all your ways (Psalms 91:11).” For years, I’ve been fascinated by the idea of angels in Judaism. I think it started out as a bit of a FOMO situation – I loved the idea of angels, and assumed, since I mainly knew about them from Christian art, that they were an exclusively Christian thing, and therefore not ours. But when I started reading – that’s how nerds deal with disappointment – I found that Judaism has its own rich tradition of angels and protection. One of my favorite concepts on this subject is the idea that everything, down to every single blade of grass, has its own angel, whispering for it to grow. We all need our own angels, however we believe they manifest, in order to encourage us, protect us, and inspire us. Where do you find your angels?


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