Tehillim One Hundred and One: Integrity

“I shall concern myself with the way of integrity. When will it come to me? I shall walk with the innocence of my heart within my house (Psalms 101:2).” I’m drawn to this verse because of the use of the word integrity. I think that all of us should be concerned with integrity, both our own, and that of those we engage with. The primary definition of integrity is ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.’ I want to ensure that I take an active role in being introspective about my own integrity. I want to stand strong on my principles, regardless of who is in the room, and to be fully whole in all contexts. I want to be outspoken about my beliefs in atmospheres of support, and those of opposition. For me, integrity is behaving as though everyone is watching when no one is watching, and keeping myself centered and grounded in all situations.


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