Tehillim One Hundred and Two: Creation

“Let this be inscribed for the latest generation, and a [newly] created people will praise Yah (Psalms 102:19).” What creates a people? How is a new group forged? I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately, albeit on a much smaller scale. When I bring together new groups at work, the first thing that I generally want to do with them is engage in team-building. A huge part of that is the creation of a community culture, through shared norms, traditions, and practices. And while this is just for small, time-bound cohorts, it applies everywhere. The Israelites were forged into a people in the desert, bound together by the shared experiences of slavery and redemption, and given a shared goal and mission to work towards. I can apply those principles to my own groups, but how do they apply on a large-scale today? Do Americans have a shared national story and collective goals anymore?


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