Tehillim One Hundred and Four: Signs

“He makes winds His messengers, burning fire His ministers (Psalms 104:4).” When I read this verse, what it immediately raised for me is symbolism. I, and I assume I’m not alone in this, sometimes find myself putting a lot of faith in symbols that I designate for myself:

If I see a formation of Canadian geese today, it means my Grandpa Irving agrees with my decision.

If it takes an even number of steps to get to that door, it’s going to work out.

That rainbow means he loves me.

And so on, and so forth. None of it has any basis in reality – I intellectually recognize that my successes and failures are in no way contingent on messages from birds, or circumstantial events. But if we’re told that God uses nature and our environments as messengers for His words and intentions, maybe I’m not so farfetched?


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