Tehillim One Hundred and Six: Memory

This psalm contains some reminiscing. “Our forefathers in Egypt did not understand Your wonders; they did not remember Your manifold deeds of kindness, and they were rebellious by the sea, by the Sea of Reeds (Psalms 106:7).” This verse clearly flashes back to the exodus from Egypt, and the wonders that God brought before the people, including the ten plagues, splitting the Red Sea, and manna from heaven. We think back on all of these incidents and sometimes it’s hard to have sympathy for a people that seem to screw up at every turn, and never miss an opportunity to complain or contemplate giving up. But if one attempts to look at them with open minds and pity, this verse opens up a door of empathy. The people were overwhelmed by what they experienced, and just like for many of us, it was hard to understand the realities of something beyond their conception. God performed wonders for them, and they didn’t process it. So instead, we’re commanded to constantly remember what God did for us as a people, to keep it present and do what they weren’t ready to, as a part of the same chain of peoplehood that experienced it firsthand.


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