Tehillim One Hundred and Seventeen: Universalism

This is officially the shortest chapter I’ve encountered thus far. It’s all of two verses long. So unless there’s a chapter that consists of a single verse, this is the runt of Tanakh. With only two verses to choose from, I’m going with the first one, since it jumped out at me. “Praise the Lord, all nations, laud Him, all peoples (Psalms 117:1).” There’s a distinctly universalist quality to these words. Regardless of people’s backgrounds, there are some values that all people can and should share. Things like respect for others, honor, justice, compassion, and curiosity are things that hopefully, despite the different ways that they may manifest, all of us can get behind. We all need common bonds, common causes, and things that we can appreciate collectively. What are those things in the world today?


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