Tehillim One Hundred and Eighteen: Hallel

As I started reading this psalm, I began, as I always do, in English. But as some of the translations began to look a bit familiar, I quickly realized that I know the Hebrew for this one, because it’s used in the Hallel service. Hallel is the additional set of prayers said on most holidays. When I was little and went to synagogue with my dad, I used to get so excited to hear that it was a Hallel day, because even though it elongates an already long service, I loved singing these special additional words. As you’ve seen, the 150 psalms are a long slog at times, so it’s great to get rejuvenated with one that I truly love. And, of course, only 32 more to go!

“The Lord is for me; I shall not fear. What can man do to me (Psalms 118:6)?” It must be amazing to have complete faith that God is on your side, and as a result, there’s nothing to be afraid of. While personally I feel connected to God, or whatever higher power is there, I don’t necessarily think that means that I can’t be hurt by my fellow human beings. It would honestly scare me too much to be fully dependent on this kind of relationship with God. I think that people need to be proactive and take charge of their own lives and actions, rather than assume that divine intervention will take care of things. But intentional action, coupled with the confidence that faith can bring, sounds like the ideal state of being.


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