Tehillim One Hundred and Nineteen: Torah

Today’s chapter is the longest one in the entire Torah. Only a few days after a chapter that had all of two verses, this one clocks in at a whopping one hundred and seventy-six verses, more than twice as long as any other chapter I’ve seen so far. It’s a lot to sift through on the one hand, but on the other, it contains ample pickings for my verse of the day.

“Uncover my eyes and I shall look at hidden things from Your Torah (Psalms 119:18).” How many of us walk around the world with covered eyes, not seeing things that are right in front of us, or not seeing below the surface to the true meaning and value of what exists? Something like Torah, which this project has been a catalyst for me to study for nearly three years now, has so many layers to it. That’s why there’s the idea of ‘turning it over and over again,’ meaning that each time you return to it, you can find something new and meaningful that you never saw before. It’s never the same, not like rereading any other book. I think it’s because we’re always growing and changing, and therefore we bring new selves to the text each time, so in turn, it reveals something new with each read.


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