Tehillim One Hundred and Twenty-Nine: Zion

In today’s political age, there are any number of horrors that I could highlight. It seems like every day I wake up to news about some new crisis at best and true atrocity at worst, and it’s overwhelming to think about all of the problems in the world at any given moment. But without negating any of the infinite causes that exist, for almost my entire life, I’ve found the one that I choose to devote myself to, and that’s Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people.

“May all those who hate Zion be ashamed and retreat (Psalms 129:5).” Today, it seems like haters of Zion become more and more emboldened all the time. It’s fashionable to hate Israel, and it has somehow become fashionable to exclude Jews on the basis of anti-Zionism, and have that be somehow socially acceptable. It’s scary to see anti-Semitism from the right, and now be isolated from the left because love and support of Israel has been morphed into something apparently wrong. I’m different than many of my generation in that I categorically refuse to sacrifice my Zionism for my social justice beliefs. Because of that, I find myself increasingly isolated from other larger causes, because they don’t welcome or accept Zionism as the core tenant that only enhances my other values and experiences. With all of the aforementioned problems in the world, it’s crazy to me that people choose to target, isolate, and attack Israel, instead of recognizing the shared democratic values of Israeli society and seeing it as the social justice ally it is.


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