Tehillim One Hundred and Thirty-One: Hope

“Israel, hope to the Lord from now to eternity (Psalms 131:3).” A few years ago, my mother made an intentional decision to try to stop using the word ‘just.’ She explained that she always felt like she had another ‘just’ around the corner – if I just get through this meeting, everything will be ok. If I just hear about that job, everything will be ok. If that date just goes well, everything will be ok. These were things she put on herself, and things that she took to heart from her children. She was always waiting for just one more thing to work out, and wanted to be more appreciative of each moment. This verse made me think of that, because hoping from now to eternity seems lovely on the surface, but as I reflected on it, could also be a surefire way to never be satisfied. If hope is to be interpreted as trust in this case, then I’m on board, but if it’s really about constantly hoping for the next thing until the end of time, I think we’d be better off appreciating the here and now, rather than always looking for what’s next.


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