Tehillim One Hundred and Forty-Three: Weary

“I spread out my hands to You; my heart is like a weary land to You forever (Psalms 143:6).” The thing that drove me to this verse was the phrase ‘weary land.’ Right now, as people across the country work to show support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, we’re simultaneously gearing up for another disaster in Florida with Hurricane Irma on the move. With one crisis literally piggybacking on the other, the land itself seems to be weary, and it needs a break, a relief from struggling for a while. I’m saying this as someone who hasn’t been directly impacted by either crisis, and I realize how much worse it could be. But I, like many, feel helpless in the face of all of this, and like many, I’m weary from bad news, sad photos, and sadness.

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