Tehillim One Hundred and Forty-Six: Strangers

“The Lord guards the strangers; He strengthens the orphan and the widow, and He perverts the way of the wicked (Psalms 146:9).” This week, the latest cohort of my teen philanthropy group is kicking off. It’s one of the most inspiring parts of my job, to get the chance to see the next generation of leaders and changemakers explore the problems facing our society and take steps to improve the lot of those who are vulnerable. The widow, the orphan, and the stranger, are the archetypes of vulnerability in a community, because they don’t have a traditional male protector. But who in our society today fills that role? Women, for sure. Minorities, immigrants, children, the poor, the disabled. And any one of us who find ourselves in a position of being ‘other’ might fall into that group at any given moment. How have you experienced being the stranger?

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