Iyov Twenty-Three: Searching

“Behold, I go to the east and He is not here, and to the west and I perceive Him not. In the north, when He made it I do not see; He wraps up the south and I cannot see (Job 23:9).” While in this case Job is not successful in his pursuit of God, what I like about it is that he went about actively searching for Him. So many of us sit still, waiting for things to find us or to happen to us. It’s easy to justify this methodology of leaving things up to ‘fate.’ But I firmly believe that we make our own fate, and it’s up to us to search in every physical/proverbial direction in order to find what we’re looking for. If something is important enough, we have to turn over every stone, look behind every corner, and journey wherever we need to in order to reach our goals. December has officially started, so people are starting to think in terms of resolutions – so maybe this year, let’s each pick one that matters that much to us.


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