Iyov Thirty-Two: Self-righteousness

“Then Elihu the son of Barachel the Buzite of the family of Ram became angry; he became angry with Job because he thought himself [more] righteous than God (Job 32:2).” It’s easy to get annoyed with people who we perceive to be self-righteous, and I’d be beyond less than honest if I were to say that I’m someone who doesn’t fall into that category. I have certain people in my life who abjectly drive me crazy with their self-righteousness, which often takes the form of acting ‘holier than thou.’ So I relate to Elihu in that sense. But when looking at the case of Job in the larger context, it does seem like kicking a guy while he’s down. On top of everything else that Job has suffered, he has to deal with his friend being pissed at him for his attitude?


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