Iyov Thirty-Five: Outside

“Gaze at the heavens and see, and view the skies, which are higher than you (Job 35:5).” Lately, I’ve been spending a lot more time outside than I have in the past. In an attempt to work on my health, I’ve been doing a great deal of walking, and while I still have some pretty lazy tendencies, on the whole it’s been an extremely positive experience. In particular, the simple act of being outside, of breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the changing sky overhead, has been truly therapeutic. In terms of priorities, it’s very easy to fall back on claims of how busy and overworked I am. And it’s definitely true that I (like many of us) have a lot on my plate. But having tasted the benefits of time outside, I want to commit myself to reprioritizing things and making sure that I make time for this kind of simple pleasure.


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