Iyov Thirty-Eight: Three Years of 929

Readers, yesterday marked an important milestone in this project. Yesterday was officially three years to the day since I started this endeavor of reading a chapter of Tanakh every day, and it’s been an incredible journey so far. It’s crazy to think that by this time next year, this project will be over. I’ve actually already started thinking about what the next project I want to embark on is – is it more Tanakh? Talmud? Something else? I’ve discovered that I love the discipline that comes with this practice, and I appreciate the journey of finding a piece of meaning in every day’s journey. So, in honor of the three year mark, I was thrilled to find a piece that seemed to resonate with the whole adventure that this project has been for me. “Do you understand [everything] until the breadths of the earth? Tell if you know it all (Job 38:18).” I love this verse because the more I learn, the more I realize that the answer is no. But it’s no in the best way. It’s great to know that there’s always something new to delve into, a deeper level of understanding or a new adventure beyond the surface level. I hope to be able to continue to enjoy that this year. Here’s to another year!

And, for those who are keeping track, at the three year mark, we’re at 786 chapters down, 143 to go!


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