Iyov Forty-One: Relationships

“They are so close to each other that no air comes between them. One adheres to the other; they stick together and cannot be separated (Job 41:8-9).” I’m thinking about this text through the lens of relationships, and particularly what makes them healthy. The first verse doesn’t really resonate with me. I think closeness is great, of course, but am also a proponent of healthy separations and spaces. My husband and I don’t do everything together, which I think is a positive aspect of our relationship. We’re able to share and intersect pieces of our lives, while not being limited in our individual pursuits. But the second clause really resonated with me, because it emphasizes to me the importance of sticking together and being bound to your partner, no matter what. While interests may change and evolve over time, that core tenant of a relationship can be the very foundation that it’s built on.


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