Iyov Forty-Two: Trauma

With this chapter, we’re at the end of the book of Job. I have to confess, I’m not unhappy about this. I haven’t loved Job. It’s been repetitive, long-winded, and I truly had no idea how long of a book this is. The story has always seemed like it’s pretty well wrapped up within the first two chapters, so the weeks of reflection and speeches have been a less than stellar surprise. I’m looking forward to starting a new book next week, and moving on from this one.

So, my final verse for Job. He’s finally back in favor with God, and is rewarded twofold what he lost. “Now the Lord blessed Job’s end more than his beginning, and he had fourteen thousand flocks and six thousand camels and a thousand yoke of cattle and a thousand she-donkeys. And he had fourteen sons and three daughters (Job 42:12-13).” It’s great that Job finally gets what’s coming to him, but I imagine none of the blessings that he receives now can in any way fully make up for what he lost during his cursed period. Just because good eventually happens doesn’t negate the tragedy that someone already went through. Those are the things that shape us, in one way or another. The book ends with Job dying at the age of 140. And with that, this saga closes, and we’re on to the next. On Sunday I start Song of Songs, with 790 chapters down and 139 to go!


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