Shir Hashirim Four: Appreciation

This chapter praises the various physical attributes of the writer’s lover, from her eyes to her lips, breasts, and even her teeth. “Your teeth are like a flock of uniformly shaped [ewes] that came up from the washing, all of whom are perfect, and there is no bereavement among them (Song of Songs 4:2).” While I’d like to emphasize that if anyone ever complimented me in this bizarre way, I’d be nothing short of disturbed, I do appreciate that even parts of someone that seem totally not special become amazing when you’re in love. We find ourselves appreciating all kinds of weird quirks about our partners, things that no one else would notice or even be aware of in the first place. It’s those secret nuances and attributes that sometimes make us love our partners even more, because that’s what makes them wholly unique and special, if only in our eyes.


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