Eichah One: Jerusalem

“Jerusalem sinned grievously, therefore she became a wanderer; all who honored her despised her, for they have seen her shame; moreover, she herself sighed and turned away (Lamentations 1:8).” What drew me into this verse is how Jerusalem and the people of Israel are one in the same, that the city is anthropomorphized and melds directly in with its inhabitants. As a former Jerusalem resident and lover of the city, with all of its problems and quirks and hidden layers, I know that if there’s any city in the world that is literally alive in and of itself, it’s Jerusalem. The city has a heartbeat of its own, a breath to its very streets, and a palpable life within the air surrounding it. Jerusalem and the Jewish people are metaphorical soulmates, and when this verse is saying that the city itself became a wanderer, I think that it means that one can’t exist without the other. Neither can be their most full selves alone, so they need each other to fully thrive.


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