Kohelet Eight: Joy

“And I praised joy, for there is nothing better for man under the sun than to eat and to drink and to be merry, and that will accompany him in his toil the days of his life that God gave him under the sun (Ecclesiastes 8:15).” I absolutely love this verse. So often, I feel like people make themselves guilty for relaxing, for being what they perceive to be lazy, and most of all, for indulging their wants and needs. Especially when it comes to food and other physical pleasures, we actively deprive ourselves, only indulging rarely, and when we do, regretting it almost immediately after. But sometimes, or even all the time, it’s great to indulge! To figure out what will make us the most happy, will provide us with the most pleasure, and then to actively pursue it, rather than living lives of intermittent joy punctuating monotony and dreariness. This verse totally speaks to that, and gives us leave to do the gluttonous things that bring us pleasure, and for that, I’m totally on board.


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