Daniel Nine: Crossover

We seem to have had a time jump, because a generation has been skipped. “In the first year of Darius, the son of Ahasuerus of the seed of Media, who was crowned over the kingdom of the Chaldeans (Daniel 9:1).” Does this mean that there was crossover between Daniel’s story arc and that of Queen Esther? I wish that meant we could get his perspective on the events of that book, if he had predicted them, or how he, as another Jew intimately familiar with the court, handled the impending doom of the people. It’s interesting to think about all of the points in history when people could have crossed paths, but one story is told and the other is silenced in our collective memory and understanding of the world. It honestly never occurred to me that characters from different parts of the overall story could have interacted with each other beyond the pages of the text, but now all of these biblical fan-fiction-esque scenarios are running through my mind. What would those conversations have been like? Guess we’ll never know.


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