Daniel Eleven: Leaders

We get more and more predictions about the fate of the Persian empire, with increasingly complex realities as Daniel shares the fate of generations. But I want to hone in on one particular idea. “And the wise of the people will allow the public to understand, and they will stumble by the sword and with flames, with captivity, and with plunder for days. And when they stumble, they will be helped with a little help, but many will join them because of smooth speech (Daniel 11:33-34).” I’ve spent the last three days at an incredible conference, learning from professionals, elected officials, and thought leaders in my field. While I know these two verses include both positives and negatives, the parts that drew me in were the positives – the ideas of allowing the public to understand, and being helped. Interacting with all of these leaders and inspiring figures motivates me, not because they’re somehow perfect, but rather because they stumble, and show authenticity in such a way that demonstrates their authenticity and complexity. I believe all great leaders are educators in some way, because whether or not they do so intentionally or by profession, they are successful in conveying understanding to the public and to their followers. And having had those interactions, our job is to carry them forward, not just leaving them as theoretical, but as actionable next steps to make the world a better place.


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