Ezra Four: Biases

The people encounter obstacles in their building, including hinderance from the other residents of the land. They attempt to sabotage the Jewish building project by writing to the king with slanderous information about the Temple project, and allegations that it’ll be bad for the kingdom. “Now, in view of this, that we wish to destroy the Temple, and it is improper for us to witness the king’s disgrace, we have therefore sent and notified the king (Ezra 4:14).” This kind of thing infuriates me, because I hate when people present themselves falsely. I respect people who can own their biases, for better or worse, as opposed to those who don’t acknowledge their own baggage and interests. While I know that I, like everyone else, have certain hangups about certain things, and absolutely have preferences on most, I do my best to recognize what and where they are so that I can accept that going in to whatever situations I find myself in.


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