Ezra Seven: Personal Story

We finally learn something about Ezra! “This Ezra ascended from Babylon, and he was a fluent scholar in the Law of Moses, which the Lord God of Israel had given, and the king granted him his entire request, according to the command of the Lord his God upon him (Ezra 7:6).” I’m incredibly happy that Ezra is finally being inserted into his own narrative. As an educator, it took me a long time to realize that my story was an important part of my teaching. At first, I held myself a step back from my learners. I saw myself as a vehicle to enhance their learning, but thought that it wasn’t my place to insert my own views or perspectives, and instead I kept those hidden. However, when I reflected on the educators who have impacted me the most, I realized that it’s because they shared of themselves, their own struggles with the material, and their passion for the content. So now, that’s what I do too. I’m part of my own teaching, and I own my biases and perspectives, and all of the experiences that color my engagement with Judaism and Jewish life. As the narrators, we need to be part of the story as well, so I love that we don’t just hear Ezra’s name, but finally get to know him in this chapter.


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