Nechemia Six: Boundaries

There’s a plot being hatched against Nehemia. “Then Sanballat and Geshem sent to me, saying, ‘Come and let us meet together in Kefirim in the Valley of Ono;’ and they were plotting to do me harm (Nehemia 6:2).” I know that Nehemia is a literal prophet and that’s the whole point of this book, but I’m oddly impressed that based on that message, he knew enough to stay away. He clearly had a strong survival instinct, but with that seems to also have come a [sadly] substantial amount of distrust in others. I’m generally someone who wants to see the good in other people, which is usually a positive but can occasionally become a detriment if it means not recognizing when someone or something is problematic. I’d prefer to be on the positive side, but the lesson that I’m taking from Nehemia today is knowing where and how to set boundaries when something crosses a line or makes me uncomfortable. He did it unapologetically, and that’s something I definitely need to work on.


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