Divrei Hayamim I – Eight: Family

Amidst the list of names upon names in this chapter, there was one verse that confused me. “And Mikloth begot Shimah, and they too, opposite their brethren, dwelt in Jerusalem with their brethren (Chronicles I 8:32).” How are these guys both opposite and with their brethren? To me, opposite indicates a distinct distance, either physical or emotional, keeping the parties separate. But being with someone is being connected in some way. When it comes to families, there’s always a connection, but unlike in the inherently tribal times of the past, we can choose whether or not to act on it. There are some families that do seem like they’re opposite one another in some, or even most cases, but that doesn’t necessarily keep them from being with one another as well. I’m lucky in that my family is together all the time, and it’s because we want to be. We speak multiple times a day, and work hard to ensure that we spend as much time together as possible. I can’t imagine being opposite from them in any real way, and I know the blessings of being together. I have no idea if what I’m reading into this particular verse is actually there, but that’s what I’m taking from this latest chapter of names.


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