Divrei Hayamim I – Ten: Saul

This chapter basically gives us an ‘on one foot’ recap of King Saul’s death. I guess this book really is the coda to everything else, and lots of recaps are forthcoming. “And Saul said to his weapon-bearer, “Draw your sword and pierce me with it, lest these uncircumcised ones come upon me and make a mockery of me,” but his weapon-bearer was unwilling, for he feared greatly, and Saul took the sword and fell upon it (Chronicles I 10:4).” It’s interesting to think about comparing the previous, more long form account of Saul’s demise with this summary version. One thing that I’m reading into this one is that Saul kept his pride until the end, and didn’t want to be humiliated by his enemies. However, rather than his death being a passive one at the hands of someone else, he needed to truly take matters into his own hands and act. While in other contexts I would see this as good advice, to take an active role in making ones own fate rather than waiting for others to do so, when it comes to literally falling on the sword I’m a tad less gung-ho. But as a concept, I appreciate the idea of Saul doing things on his own terms, rather than passively waiting for others to make them happen for him.


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