Divrei Hayamim I – Fourteen: Fame

More recaps of King David. “And David’s fame went forth throughout all the lands, and the Lord placed the fear of him upon all the nations (Chronicles I 14:17).” This information comes after we get a throwback narrative of David’s battles with the Philistines. What interests me about this is that David’s reputation seems to really have been built based on his actions during these battles. We hear that he listened to God when determining what kind of military action to take in each circumstance, and subsequently his fame became well-known. I’m taking this to mean that it’s our actions that truly build our reputations, something that can have either positive or negative consequences depending on the choices that we make. If your name is going to be known, you hopefully want it to be for something good, so being mindful of that path that you take to getting there is of great importance.


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