Divrei Hayamim I – Twenty-One: Iran

“Now Satan arose upon Israel, and he moved David to count Israel (Chronicles I 20:1).” In the biblical context, this leads to a census in Israel, which has massive fallout including pestilence and death for the people. We can delve into the questions of why counting the people is so bad, but what drew me to this verse was the first clause, about Satan rising upon Israel. Over the last 48 hours, Northern Israel in particular has been thrown into chaos as Iranian missiles have been shot over the border with Syria. Israel is being attached by a horrible enemy bent on destruction, and thinking about modern politics while reading stories of ancient tragedies that befell Israel makes the modern predicament seem like the latest in a long chain of events that sometimes seems never-ending. It can be overwhelming, but also comforting to think of how many things have been overcome, and hopefully this will soon be a distant memory also.


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