Divrei Hayamim I – Twenty-Two: Graduation

“And with you in abundance are workmen, hewers and workers in stone and wood, and every skillful person in every type of work (Chronicles I 22:15).” I’m currently with my family, celebrating my baby brother’s graduation from college. It’s a special time for many reasons, and definitely brings up a lot of different reflections. One thing that’s been surprisingly interesting to me is meeting the other students and hearing about the various paths they’re on. There are people studying every subject imaginable, and so many of them are passionate and invested in things that I didn’t even know about, or would have ever thought that people would dedicate themselves to. I love that there are so many things that people care about, and so many hands making the world function without us even recognizing the diversity of their contributions. Each person has a role to play in creating the world we live in together, and that’s what I see enumerated in this verse, as well as in the pomp and circumstance ceremonies of the last few days.


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