Divrei Hayamim II – Three: Details

Solomon is building the Temple. “And he made the House of the Holy of Holies, its length on the face of the breadth of the House, twenty cubits, and its breadth twenty cubits; and he overlaid it with fine gold of six hundred talents (Chronicles II 3:8).” I think the detail included throughout Tanakh in descriptions of the construction of the Ark, and later of the Temple, demonstrates that when one is engaged in sacred work, nothing is too insignificant to be overlooked. I want to internalize that lesson in my own practice, particularly as an educator. It’s easy to see the importance and holiness of big picture ideas, and the meaningful activities that implement them. But the bits and pieces that go into making all of that happen – spreadsheets and name tags and all of the details no one else notices until they’re not there – are much harder to make sacred a lot of the time. But the details are what frame the big picture, and deserve just as much care and attention as those centerpiece moments.


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