Divrei Hayamim II – Four: Temple

“And he made the priests’ court and the large court, and doors for the forecourt, and he overlaid their doors with copper (Chronicles II 4:9).” Solomon is still building the Temple, and this description of the various components of the colossal structure makes me think about how incredible, yet unimaginable it must have been. I guess I’m not the best visualizer, but I’m so familiar with the Jerusalem landscape as it is, so I can’t exactly picture what this would have looked like, despite the specifications of minute details that are seen all over Tanakh. There are so many controversies between people who do or don’t want to see this structure rebuilt, for varying intense political and spiritual reasons. I’m not going to go into any of them at this stage, but rather just am reflecting on this whole world that seems like a fantasy but that really existed, and what that would have been like.


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