Divrei Hayamim II – Eleven: Intervention

The tension and anger between Rehoboam and Jeroboam continues to build, and the lines in the sand are clearly drawn between the two men. However, when Rehoboam masses an army to actively fight this war, God intervenes through a prophet named Shemaiah. “So said the Lord, ‘You shall not go up and you shall not war with your brothers; return each man to his home for this thing has been brought about by Me.’ And they heeded the word of the Lord, and they returned from going to Jeroboam (Chronicles II 11:4).” This intervention proves effective, and prevents the battle between Israel and Judah, at least for a while. While this one had the added weight of being divine, I’m hoping that we as human beings can take some lessons from it, particularly about the power of standing up and saying ‘stop’ or ‘no.’ How many tragedies would have been prevented throughout history if people had stood up against the crowd and stopped marches to war, both physical and metaphorical? It’s on all of us to listen to our moral consciences and to voice our concerns over impending horrors that we see around us. The potential perpetrators just might listen.


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