Divrei Hayamim II – Twelve: Replacements

As per the usual cycle, the people sin, and God punishes them, once again with an enemy from Egypt. This time, Sishak, the king of Egypt, marches against Jerusalem, and ransacks the Temple, taking the treasures of the Temple and the palace. “And King Rehoboam made instead of them copper shields, and he entrusted them in the hands of the chiefs of the runners, who guarded the entrance of the king’s palace (Chronicles II 12:10).” Rehoboam is by no means a good guy in all of this, and Jewish tradition doesn’t take a good view of him, but I’m interested in this moment, when he attempts to make up for the loss in the best way he can. While he can’t replace the original gold treasures and ritual objects, he does what he’s able to to make up for their loss. Perhaps we can all take some advice from this, and do what we can to move forward and course correct when our original plans don’t work out as we hoped. We can all do our best to make up for losses or setbacks, and follow Rehoboam’s example of doing what we can to progress in our new circumstances.


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